This post is just the todo list and the software used.

To do:

  1. Clean up code.
  2. Add a background for the menus.
  3. Add a proper name.
  4. Add sound.
  5. Fix a few more bugs.
  6. Add track previews.
  7. Add support for multiple colours of cars.

Open source software used and reasons:

I am using Fedora for my operating system because Cocos2d supports it, it's a good development environment, and it's stable.

I am using Geany for my IDE because it's lightweight and supports Python

I am using Tiled for my map editor because it's simple, easy to use and Cocos2d has good support for it's file format.

I am using Python for my programming language because it is very readable, easy to use, has good libraries, and powerful.

I am using Cocos2d for my game framework because it's easy to use, it's for Python, it has hardware accelerated rendering, and it has many features.

I am using Pyglet for my second game framework because it's needed with Cocos2d.

I am using OpenShot for creation of the demo video because it's easy to use and has very nice effects.