On day 6 and 7 I added the ability for multiple tracks and now the window no longer resizes. It takes a good bit of changes to add the ability for multiple tracks.

Here is a guide for the game:


W: Move forward
S: Move backward
A: Move left
D: Move right
Space: Stop

Gameplay rules:

1. When you hit a barrier you dont go through it.
2. If you are on grass you slow down.
3. When you go from the arrows to the finish line, that counts as one round.
4. You can only go from the arrows to the finish line, otherwise you can't go through.
5. You must go faster on each round or you lose.
6. The finishing time is the time from the most recent round.

The last 2 days of development

I only just noticed I called "tracks" "levels" in the track selection scene but I would say it is presentable.

The game's source code can be found here.

Day awesomeness: 100%