The game I made is a top down 2d racing game. I made a racing game because it would be simple and fun to make. I started off with the idea of a 3d racing game for a while but then I realized that it was too complex and I would not finish it in time so I went for a top down 2d racing game. But while I was making it I could not find that much free game art for a 2d racing game. So most of it is my own with the exception of the car which was based on the one here.

I started off without cocos2d and then remembered about it while the game was like this:

The day before Cocos2d development

But after working with Cocos2d, the game looked like this in about a day:

The 1st day of development

A definite improvement to the game!

On day 1, I created the basics of the game (only a single level, no menus, and very bare bones.) But it was still a very productive day for the game.

Day awesomeness: 100%